Welcome to Haripur Ghurna

Haripur Ghurna is located in the northern region of Bihar. It is one of the devoted villages of Bihar and nearby Country Nepal. Haripur is surrounded by Nawabganj, Narpatganj, Forbesganj, Araria districts of Bihar.

Maithili is the Local Language here. There are no commercial banks or co-operative banks present within the village and having only one senior secondary school. Haripur has no railway station of its own, the nearby railway station is Forbesganj around 30 km from the village. You need to travel by Buses to visit this devoted place.

The people of Haripur Bihar are self-employed and most of them are farmers. The citizen of Haripur Ghurna is the Devotee of Goddess Kali. There is a Kali Mandir located in Haripur Bihar.

Haripur is located at the bank of famous river Sursar in Bihar. The nature and the climate of Haripur Bihar will let you feel the heaven on the earth.

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